"It's not a popularity contest". Or is it?

I was thinking about this recently. And for the purposes of this blog, I'm just talking about coworkers. According the most recent phone list in our studio, we have 20 full time employees here. I have been invited to the houses of only 3 of them. Does that make me unpopular among my coworkers? I don't think so.

There was a time when my coworkers were a much bigger part of my social life. But, at that time, (25 years ago) we were all single and going out in groups was much more the norm than it is now.

And quite frankly, I don't care how much I'm liked at work. I'm here to do a job and get paid. But with out naming names on the employees list, let's count how may like me.

No, yes, no, don't know, sorta, yep, absolutely, yes, .....here's my final tally:

13 "Likes me"

5 "Doesn't like me"

1 "not really sure where they stand"

and 1 "DESPISES me"

I'll take that.


How do you rate at your job?

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