Each week on Friday I try to tell you about my week. I'll save the "Dad stuff" for the end.

  • I hit the 8 iron of the summer Thursday at Pryor Creek. to within three feet. Of course, I missed the putt. I'm still Mark, after all. Zero birdies to report this week. But there is cotton to report. The cottonwood trees are releasing their special gift to all of us who are allergic to it.
  • I rode a horse for what will possibly be the last time.
  • It was a bad week to be a civil war statue. Kneeling in the NFL is OK now. Drew Brees changed his stance. And no more confederate flags will be allowed at NASCAR races. Quite a week.
  • In a related story, they are now Lady A. Draw your own conclusions.
  • We've had a few cancellations for the Flakes trip coming up in January. So, if you would like to join us, we have room. Call Carol from Travel Cafe at 259-0999. Last time I was there, there were hot, single nurses everywhere!
  • I played with golf with two guys that I worked with in the 1980s who happened to be in town.
  • Bonnie Jean by David Lynn Jones WAS a great song! We had a request for it on "All Request Friday."
  • So, we're back mowing again. Oh look, more weeds. Great.

But the biggest event obviously was the passing of Pauls's father, Howard Mushaben.

He was truly one of the greatest men that I have ever met. Smart, kind, thoughtful, generous, faithful to both his wife and his lord. Gone at 98. Paul is extremely grateful for all of the calls, messages, and cards that you took the time to send. As Paul said, when you've been on the air someplace for 33 years, your listeners are family. And we sure appreciate you.

I'm working on getting some of my dad's albums burned on to CD's. I've had several requests for them.

And on Saturday morning from 6 - 10 am, there will be a lot of Paul's father's calls to our show through the years and some stuff about my dad is well, I hope you get to hear it.

Hug your folks if you're lucky enough to still have them.

Paul and I are on vacation next week, so we will see you on Monday the 29th. Unless I elope sometime over the next week and a half.

Again, I want to extend a heartfelt thank you for your listenership and the years of supporting us and this radio station. Be safe.

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