Friday Fragments

Friday Fragments: Vacation Edition
Some of this week's more interesting topics covered on our program included Chinese Cialis, how my beer never lives to its expiration date, the temperature in hell, and whether or not I should start drinking at least a little milk.
Friday Fragments
The tornado that hit Paul's calving barn was either an F-4 or an "F.U.", but everybody's invited the the barn raising party that we're throwing in September. Exact date hasn't been announced yet.
Friday Fragments - 5/17/19
The truck speed limit got bumped up a little bit in Montana this week.
My golf advice is always, "Take a cart."
Only one birdie this week. But I didn't play as much.
I consistently do 5 mph over the speed limit when I'm on Main Street and I am almost ALWAYS the slowest vehic…

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