One night in Mexico I decided to have dinner on my deck overlooking the resort. So, I called room service and it was awesome. I decided to go Mexican, so I started off with their super tricked-up nachos that were great. I also had the Caesar salad with fresh parmesan cheese and rye crumbles. For my main course, I had chicken quesadillas with guacamole. The best part was the desert. I ordered the double chocolate fudge brownie with caramel. It arrived at my door in 25 minutes. It was hot and fresh. It was such a peaceful, warm evening and the view was great. I would recommend it to folks who go there to experience it at least once. It's a great option if you just don't feel like a crowd. My people got a big tip that night. See ya tomorrow at 5.

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While people in Montana may find it hard to travel anywhere from Billings because it usually requires flights with multiples stops, we found great opportunities just in the cities where Billings flies direct.

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