Listening to cranky people this week complain about the Seattle like weather we are having in Billings right now made me think.

What's your pet peeve?  What is it that completely gets on your last nerve and takes you right over the edge?

Here's one from Alicia:

You're at a retail establishment, with only one cashier working, waiting for the people in front of you to check out, when the cashier says to the person in front of you, "have you signed up for our customer loyalty program yet?", prompting the person (who probably would have a hissy fit about his internet info being hacked), while everyone else in the freaking store waits, to fill out, by hand, a two page application. 


Most of mine have to do with customer service that is anything BUT service.  A great example are  property management firms.  Open everyday except Sunday.  When people could actually visit apartments or other rentals, they are closed.  Or the ones who never return telephone calls.

One of the guys in the office actually suggested he was a day or two from "going postal" if the weather doesn't break soon.  I'm glad for his sake it's Montana and not California.

The guys in the jackets would have come and got him by now.  That's a long personal experience story.

Scott's Story

My friend Scott related this story.


Entering the store, I was greeted by a guy with that compelling phrase, “Help ya?”

(Every time that is the opening line, don’t you just know it is not going to be a good experience? What’s wrong with, “Good morning, welcome to XYZ company. How may we assist you?”)

As I approached, even though I was the only customer in the store at that time, I was never asked my name or anything else. Noticing his name tag said, “Manager,” I launched into my explanation of my problem.

He looked at the phone and just said, “You bent the pin.” Which, naturally, was followed by my eloquent response: “Huh?”

A guy standing next to the Manager wearing a name tag with a XYZ logo looked up from typing on a keyboard and said, “You use your phone with the charger plugged in?” When I said I didn’t, as the position of my lighter plug wouldn’t make it convenient, his kind response was, “Nah, you must do it. That’s how you bent your pin.”

Don't you love know it alls?

“So,” I asked, “is there anything I can do about this? Is there some other brand of charger you might have to see if that one might work?”

In unison, the two went, “Nope.” And, then…not another word. I stood for a moment looking at them, then turned and just walked out. I heard no “thanks for your business,” or “sorry we couldn’t be of assistance,” or “hope someone keyed your car in the parking lot,” from this dynamic duo. Nothing. Total silence.

Your Pet Peeve

What's your pet peeve?  Keep it clean and without company names in the comments.

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