I'm sitting here wondering how much of my time gets wasted by things out of my control. Things like "Press ONE for English" when I call somebody.

Or the longer "Hi, this is So & So, I cant come to the phone right. At the tone, leave your name, number and a short message". Lets review. I actually already knew who I was calling. Next, I picked up on the fact that you weren't really answering. (Although when I'm WITH you, I've seen you ignore other peoples call, so at least I know where I stand on your "Friends" list. Next, Your smart phone gives you my name & number. And the message is the only part where I feel like I'm doing anything worthwhile.

Next one. You people who are in the front of the line of cars that can go when the arrow comes on the traffic light. I KNOW that you didn't like getting honked at, but your wasting my time.

My biggest pet peeve, when the person in front of you answers "How are you doing today?" with the long and incredible detailed story of how NOT well they are actually doing.

You're killing me.

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