Let me start today's tirade with a shout-out to everybody who drives a plow. City, county, and state are all trained to clear their streets while having to keep a watchful eye out for drivers who run into them. Seriously.

I pulled up next to a plow driving to work Monday morning. They are huge. They are orange. They have two different colors of flashing lights. How do you run into one of these? From what I understand, it happens more than you would think.

Credit: Montana Department of Transportation via Facebook
Credit: Montana Department of Transportation via Facebook

My suggestion on air was to have these drivers have to spend a shift riding with the snow plow drivers so that they could learn about what they do. And to hopefully be more careful when encountering them while driving.

And I've said that for years. When it comes to traffic violations, the punishment should fit the crime. So, you hit a plow, you get a ride along in a plow for 8 hours. Get caught talking on your phone or texting while driving, then you get to spend the day answering phones at the police station.

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I'm also a fan of embarrassing punishments. If you drive by a guy standing on the corner of 6th avenue and 27th street and he's wearing a sign that says "I run red lights because I like to put people's lives in danger", we might see fewer people run red lights.

I realize that this won't change how anybody behaves in traffic. But just know that I'm judging you. I'm talking to you, tailgaters.

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