Good Luck
Just a note to let you know there will be no traffic people working the streets after the concerts this weekend.  Metra and city officials have decided to let the signals do the work.  It's going to take a while to get out so be patient...
Activity At Metra Tomorrow
Even though we talk about what's happening at Metra, I still sometimes forget what's going on when I drive by on my way home.  If your normal route home takes you by the Metra tomorrow, you need to remember that Donald Trump will be speaking...
Bottleneckers Of Billings
Billings, frustrated while driving through constructions zones, watching impatient Bottleneckers sneak past you? We watch the bottlenecker creep slowly, cutting you off from your right of way. You don't want to get hit by the bottlenecker, so do you let them take your lane or calmy drive, smile…
5 Worst Potholes in Billings
With the change of season from a mild Billings winter this year into what has turned out so far to be a pretty wet spring, what will streets in and around Billings be like as we near the first day of summer, June 21st?
Police Investigation at "Sonic"
Main St. in the Heights has been blocked off by police from Lake Elmo Drive to just past the Albertson's grocery store across the street from Sonic Drive-In as they investigate an "incident" that happened this morning at or near the fast food restaurant.

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