In conjunction with Tobacco-Free Awareness Week, the personal finance social network WalletHub released a study analyzing the Financial Cost of Smoking By State. According to their research, cigarettes will cost the average Montana smoker an extra $1,370,191 during their lifetimes.

The study calculated the cost of one pack of cigarettes per day over the course of a lifetime, along with additional health care costs, income loss due to health issues and other factors such as high insurance premiums.

Overall, costs for Montana smokers are consistent with the national average. Montana ranks 25th in the nation, with an estimated price tag of $1,021,860 for cigarettes and an additional $150,823 in health care expenses.  Smokers in Montana will also lose $187,480 in income over the course of their career and will incur another $ $10,028 in other smoking related costs.

Montana’s financial cost of smoking pales by comparison to some other states. Alaska is the most expensive state for smokers with an average cost of over $ 2 million during the course of a lifetime.  To read the full report, click here.