The Washington Post reported that the FDA was considering banning menthol cigarettes and flavored cigars because they appeal to teens. I doubt this will come to pass, but this doesn't seem like a real solution to teen smoking to me. If a smoker who smokes menthols happens to be out of cigarettes and their non menthol smoking friend offers them a plain cigarette, they don't just say "No..I'll just wait 'til I can go to the store." If they're addicted, they'll take it however they can get it.

Some might say, "Well, they would never start if the flavor wasn't so good." The thing is, no cigarette tastes good. When you first start smoking, you'll hack and cough your way through until your brain falls in love with nicotine and then tells you they aren't so bad. I can't speak to the e-liquid stuff, but cherry cigars do not taste like cherries.

If these are teens under 18, then I think it's up to parents to keep them smoke free.

**DISCLAIMER: Smoking is bad and will kill you. I'm not advocating tobacco use. If dying a death that feels like you're drowning isn't scary enough for you to not start smoking, consider the tens of thousands of dollars you will spend over your shortened lifetime.

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