Our main man, Governor Steve Bullock is not only one of the most active community members in Montana but did you know he also is a BuzzFeed contributor?  

Sure enough, he is. Not long ago, Bullock did a post titled the 16 Reasons the Support the Healthy Montana Plan and most recently he returned to the social sharing website with a lighthearted piece known as 50 Things I Love About Montana.

Many of these hit very close to him, shouting out the Mo Club (#13) to Big Dipper Ice Cream (#23). Other mentions include Flathead Cherries, Montana Hot Springs, and Made in Montana products.

Practically all the photos taken by him personally or by his staff are true to our state and certainly show an even softer side to our fearless leader. It's really worth a scroll through.

Bullock shared 50 of his favorite things about Big Sky State. Were there some that perhaps did not make the list that he should have added? Comment below.

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