Thinking Back to My First Drink
I saw something on Facebook claiming that if you survived drinking Annie Green Springs, you are immune to the COVID-19. While this is most likely not true, I think that you should not get your medical advice from this particular source.
A New Shortage
Hey, would someone out there please post on social media that there is currently a shortage of wheat and beef?
Should I Tell Him?
So, should I tell him all the nutritional benefits of drinking low-fat milk vs Coors Light, or should I just mind my own business and let him do whatever the hell he wants?
I'm Split: Beer at Amateur Sporting Events?
The Montana Legislature is considering a bill to allow beer at amateur sporting events. It would lower the requirements for seating and also lower the permit cost. It could help raise revenue for things like legion baseball etc. but also elevate the number of rambunctious fans in attendance...

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