Craziest Thing You Have Found In Your Car?
I guess it's not too uncommon to find something interesting in your car. Maybe you haven't cleaned it out in awhile and you come across something that you thought was long lost or didn't even know you had. Maybe you by a used car and somebody left something behind that is a little sho…
Does This Count As Visiting?
I have flown a lot recently because of my job. In and out of California, Montana and Minnesota just to name of few. The only place that I hadn't been to before flying into it wass Minneapolis/St. Paul airport around New Years when I made a stop there on my way to Sacramento.
Thank You Billings!
Hey guys and gals! Long time no talk!
I just wanted to say THANK YOU for such a warm welcome back to the one and only Cat Country 102.9.
I left back in June for an opportunity in Sacramento, California. I was a good experience for me personally and I was very successful with my show there, but it just…

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