California's choices are questionable.

California lawmakers are debating a bill on whether to ban tackle football for kids under twelve. Yup, no tackle football. They are worried about potential concussion problems.

Credit: Joshua Allwood on Unsplash
Credit: Joshua Allwood on Unsplash
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Ok, first of all, do not take parental rights away from parents on what type of sport or recreation the family chooses. Number two the obesity problem among our youth far outscales any concussion epidemic in this country.

One Democratic lawmaker is really concerned now because of the growing popularity of even flag football. God forbid we are finally getting kids to put down their phones or controllers and go outside to get exercise and have social contact with others besides social media.

When did we get to the point where we want to remove all things in our world that pose a risk? You can't. People would rather live freely than have these liberal nuts decide what is and what isn't acceptable for YOUR children. They have done it with straws and sugar now they are going after athletics.

Why not gymnastics or bike riding? Check the stats from the CDC and find out how many people in the U.S. go to the hospital because of a bike accident. Are they going to ban that too? No bike riding until you become an adult?

Credit: Thomas Park on Unsplash
Credit: Thomas Park on Unsplash

Is it any wonder why people are leaving their state in droves? Now you know why I've always said that they put the border wall on the wrong side of California...

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