National Train Day At The Depot
Last year was the inaugural celebration drawing more than 2,500 people to the Billings Depot downtown. This year, more activities are planned, some of which will have a fee, but admission is free.
I think Mark and I are the only ones who still parallel park. If you ever watch people downtown they all try to pull in rather than back up.
Trick Or Treating In Downtown Billings
I'm not only posting this to remind kids and parents about the event, but also to remind those who will be driving downtown. There will likely be thousands of kids throughout the day, so keep an eye out and be extra cautious as sometimes these little monsters get away from their parents.
Living Downtown
I guess I'm doing a little poll today. Would living in downtown Billings interest you.
Let's assume that your residence downtown would have some off street parking, so you wouldn't have to worry about competing for parking spaces.
I'd also like to hear everybodys pro and cons...
Tell The DBA What You Want
I read an article in today's paper about what the Downtown Billings Associations dreams are for our downtown area. They want:
Rooftop terrace dining
A trolley or light rail
Fewer one way streets
More bike lanes (to allow more window shopping)
More festivals
Diverting ditch water to the downtown area, givi…
Montana Avenue Violence
The pic above was taken last week right in front of my loft apartment building on Montana Ave. When I moved here about 2 and a half years ago long time Billings residents told me that where I live used to be skid row and that the redevelopment of the historic district has vastly improved the neighbo…

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