Bloomberg Stepped in It
Michael Bloomberg said this week that he could teach anyone to be a farmer, how hard could it be? Okay, then I can teach anyone to be a dumb ass.
Thursday is Farmers Day
Most of the people in the U.S. don’t really know what Thanksgiving Day is all about.  The holiday is to give thanks for the previous harvest and to thank God for his blessings.  George Washington knew of the importance of the farm to the country and thought it necessary to …
Get a Nap While You Can
For you farmers and ranchers out there this will be a good weekend to catch a nap.  The rain is awesome but when it quits it will be all hands on deck.  Fall is a very busy time for ag producers in Montana with beets, wheat, and cattle...
Have You Heard of the Farmer Network?
This morning the Farmer peeled back the curtain and shared some real inside Farmer information.
My hope is that he has not started another fad. If the use of Facebook and Twitter starts to go down, I bet you can point directly at Paul as the cause...that and the Farmer Network.
Another Flakes Party!
Last night at The Den was another of the Flakes parties. Thanks to everyone for showing up and registering for a chance to join us in Mexico. Sometimes the parties are better than the actual trip, because we get to spend time with even more of you.