This week in Farmer Finishers it is truly Farmer Finishers.

Farmers are wrapping up what is sure to be a record or near-record harvest in Montana. For those of you who buy the " there's a foot shortage " BS, run down to Huntley and look at the 3 million bushels of wheat piled on the ground. That's a scene that is taking place all around Montana, so don't worry world we've got you covered. Besides if there was a shortage, wheat would be 10 dollars a bushel instead of 6 so don't believe what they tell you.

Brazil has an all-time record corn crop, which means their wheat will also be good, farmers and ranchers will produce whatever they need, just pay us fairly for our efforts and we'll make more. Look at Americans, does it look like there is a food shortage?

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If you have time this weekend there is a lot of good stuff on the podcast that I think you might enjoy. In particular all of the liberal democrats that choose not to live like one, but still vote that way. It's an eye-opener.

A future guest.

Finally, just an FYI, we have made contact with the new Superintendent of School District 2 Dr. Edwin Garcia. He is looking forward to coming in and being part of the Flakes show. Excellent, a real chance to address school issues that are a concern to all of you but have been accessible and addressable to us and our audience. Finally ...This will be good for the community and the school district both.

Have a great weekend and we'll be back Monday at 5.

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