Ford vs Chevy vs Dodge vs Whatever You Drive
Here's a couple from this morning:
I named my dog "Chevy", because I know he'll never leave the driveway.
2 of the hardest working pieces on a Ford are the hood and toolbox lid.
Give me some of yours, please. Clean ones.
Colt Ford In Billings
Country music has more variations of our brand now than ever before. And one of those styles can be heard this week in Billings at the Pub Station when Colt Ford performs this Saturday night.
If you haven't been to the Pub Station since it was transformed from the old Greyhound Bus Depot, you wi…
Mustangs Are A Breed Apart
They just don't make cars like this 1967 Mustang anymore do they? I saw this beauty on 2nd Ave and had to stop to snap a picture. Today's cars are more fuel efficient, more wind resistant and much safer but all the science and technology has taken some of the romance of design away from th…