Man Died of Natural Causes
A man found unresponsive last week outside a downtown business Billings died of natural causes, according to Yellowstone County Coroner Cliff Mahoney. 62-year-old Kenneth Looks Behind Sr. appeared to be dead in his wheelchair when medical responders arrived at Second Avenue North and North Broadway …
Change a Life With Spare Change
Get your running shoes out and start training for the 7th annual Purple 5K to help the homeless here in Billings. All proceeds from the Purple 5K race goes to the Spare Change for Real Change program.
Vigil Set for Deceased Homeless
One of the most beautiful and poignant activities of the holiday season in Billings will be held at noon on Monday, Dec. 21 when RiverStone Health Healthcare for the Homeless encourages the community to join in a candlelight vigil to remember homeless persons who have died...
Homeless Numbers Spike in MT
Homelessness in Montana is an issue that only seems to be growing. Movato just released and interactive map that shows the spike in growth of the homeless population in each state. And while Montana might not be No. 1 on the list, we aren't exactly improving with the issue year after year.
Random Acts Of Kindness
Wouldn't it be awesome if people did something nice for someone they didn't know once a month just because. Pardon me if I sound a little preachy or like I'm tooting my own horn here because I don't mean to, I just want to inspire action.
Last Friday night when the temperature wa…
Homeless Entrepreneurs
This morning as I was walking to work after buying my iced mocha a homeless gentleman ran me down from behind (figuratively) and when he caught up to me he asked me if I wanted to buy some sunglasses. Obviously this budding entrepreneur was not deterred by the fact my sunglasses were sitting on top …