I Almost Cried
My oldest daughter Mallory came to visit over the last week or so and it was so good to see her. She was always the rebel out of the four kids.
Why I Buy From Kids' Lemonade Stands
We've got a couple of young ladies on my street who sell lemonade a couple of times every summer. One of my favorite excerpts from "Life's Little Instruction Booklet" says. "Buy whatever kids are selling at their stands."
Playing With Cars
I reposted a thing on my Facebook page the other day with a picture of a kid playing with his Hot Wheels cars in the dirt. Just like I used to.
This Is New
So far, we have had three cats have their kittens in the calving shed, but new this year is the "community cafe." They just put them all in one pile and then go over and nurse them. The kittens just find an opening and latch on to whatever is available...
Overnight Summer Camps for Kids in Montana
I grew up in an era with lots of Summer Camp movies. Meatballs, Ernest Goes To Camp, Camp Nowhere, Friday the 13th...almost all of those movies made me want to go to summer camp, but it just wasn't an option where I grew up.

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