How To Up Your Laundry Game In Montana

Laundry; it just never ends, it seems. You get done with one load, you turn around, and there are three more in its place.

If you have kids, it's even worse. It turns out there are some laundry habits we need to break.

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A woman feels frustated in her laundry room

Who Taught You How To Do Your Laundry?

My guess is that a parent or some other family member taught you how to do your laundry.

People are creatures of habit, and when it comes to laundry, we don't really look to see if there is a new way of doing things.

For example, today's washing machines and laundry soap don't really require hot water to get clothes clean.

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A messy laundry room

Make Your Life Easier With These Laundry Hacks

When it comes to doing chores, I don't like to waste time, so that is why I went searching for ways to reduce the stress that comes with laundry.

The other great thing about some of these tips is the money you'll save, either on products or your energy bill.

I also love the fact that it can help keep your clothes lasting longer by removing chemicals that stick to them. As someone who still has a favorite t-shirt from high school, this matters a lot.

So check out these 10 hacks to make your time in the laundry room more enjoyable.

Top Ten Laundry Hacks That Will Have You Tumbling With Joy

We have loads of tips to help elevate your laundry game! Not only will your clothes last longer, but you could even save some money in the process!

Gallery Credit: Heidi Kaye

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Save time, money, and frustration with these simple laundry life hacks. 

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