You Never Know Who’s Watching
Headed home on Broadwater yesterday I saw the cops had somebody stopped and they were driving an unmarked car. If you look closely at the photo, you can see the right rear taillight flashing blue
Child Abuse
This new child sex abuse story with the priest in Pennsylvania makes me absolutely sick to my stomach. Over a thousand lives were changed forever as a result of this unconscionable behavior. These surviving clergy members should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law...
Cottage Food Law Takes Effect Today
If you're an accomplished home cook who has dreamed of someday selling your food, the state of Montana just made things much easier for you. The new cottage food law takes effect today and makes it possible for you to prepare certain foods at home and sell them directly to consumers...
Abandoned Daughter
This poor young woman, with a vocabulary of 30 words, and the mind-set of a toddler, was dropped off at a bar and abandoned.
The mother told police that she couldn't take care of her, so she tricked her into going to the bathroom in a bar and left her on her own...