I'm a pretty even keel sort of personality. And not much upsets me. But, for some reason, littering does.
We gave a "shout out" to everybody who helped clean up the rims this last Saturday. But, litter will always be a problem.
When I had a house that was close to a high school,…
Carnage on America's Byways
I finally got healed up and went for a walk yesterday. I got to see all the new beer cans and liquor bottles left for us.
My picture was snapped as I had plenty of time to think during my hour plus walk.
So, do we feel sad for this newspaper's family...
A Sure Sign of Hunting Season
A lot of people ask me why I won’t let them hunt on my property, well this picture should tell you why.  I have about 50 family and friends that I let in each year.  I know I won’t have to worry about some beer drinking guy getting stupid or having to clean …