Matt Rosendale

Matt Rosendale Sworn into Congress for Montana
You can now call him Congressman Matt Rosendale (R-MT). Former state legislator from Glendive and former State Auditor Matt Rosendale was sworn into Congress Sunday night. He now serves as Montana's lone representative in the US House of Representatives.
New Commercial
There is a new Jon Tester add making fun of Rosendale because he doesn't have any cows.Tester doesn't have any cows either. And now a new add being critical of Rosendale because he made a living in Real estate? There are thousands of people here that make their living in real estate...
The Cost Of A Visit
I'm glad when a President gets to come to town, but when it is a campaign visit I believe the Campaign beneficiary should pay for the cost of security. I don't care if it comes directly from the DNC or the RNC or any C, the taxpayers should not be stuck with the bill...
It's Working
Jon Tester's campaign is now trying to counter his nickname that he earned after supporting the horrific Iran deal. Tehran Jon's TV commercials are now hoping to get mileage out of their nickname for Matt Rosendale.
Making fun of where you are born won't have nearly the impact as suppo…