Prairie Dogs As Pets?
They can damage crops, but their tunnels can lead to issues with livestock as well. I was reading this article which discusses the pros and cons of prairie dogs. In the article, a Texas veterinarian says there are three or four times a year where he has to treat or euthanize a horse or cattle that …
Happy National Pet Day
When I was growing up, my family typically had a dog or two. We had some cats every now and then, but I wouldn't call them pets...more like exterminators. Currently, I don't live in a place that would be much fun for a dog, so I have a cat filling the pet void.
You Can Tell A Lot About Someone by How They Treat Animals
A brief disclaimer before I get into this: I am not an activist, a PETA member (a critic of them in fact), or otherwise. I do not make a cake for my pet's birthday, get him a Christmas present or the like. I believe in the right to hunt and I consume animal flesh on a daily basis. In other w…
Don't Be Cruel - Bring Your Pets Inside
Today I saw someone post some disturbing pictures in one of the local Billings groups of two dogs left out in the snow. The person who posted the photos said these dogs were left out all day regardless of the weather. I almost shared this post, but I am trying to learn the lesson "sometimes pic…
Why Is My Dog Putting Her Head Under The Bed?
Since moving into the new house, I've noticed my Boston Terrier Addison scooting herself under the bed to cover her head. Did she find her new favorite spot or is there something more going on? Here are some reasons your dog may be hiding under the bed.

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