OMG: Gravy and French Fries on Pizza
BBQ Brisket, fries, green onions, cheese curds, gravy & mozzarella on a cheese base. Be still my heart. Let's face it if you can put gravy and french fires on a pizza and on thin crust to boot, I'm all over it.
Unsolicited Review of Blaze Pizza
My usual "nobody paid me to do this and I paid for my food" disclaimer is in full effect for this review. I will add to that disclaimer that I only tried one, very basic pizza because when it comes to pizza, that's how I roll.
Pizza Night
Looks like Papa John's and I are friends again after they dropped their NFL sponsorship. So, tonight, it's Papa John's, NCAA basketball, and a good spot on the couch with my dog. Have a good weekend, see ya Monday at 5 unless FHD strikes again...
No Domino's
Senators Daines and Tester are urging Verizon to restore service to 900 customers in rural Montana who won't get service anymore.  It's not profitable for the company to continue the service.
I don't think you should be able to force a business to provide a service...
My Pizza From Eugene's
So, if you have been following along, we were talking about Eugene's Pizza in Glasgow. They heard about it and sent us some pizzas to try. It was good!
We would like to thank Rod Dees for dropping the pies off to us (and for the book he gave me)...
Montana Pizza Kindness
I mentioned a post that I had seen on Facebook about Eugene's Pizza in Glasgow. It was named "Montana's Best Pizza" in 2015/2016.
I'd like to try it, but I'm not headed to Glasgow anytime soon, so I dismissed the idea.
Long story, short, the owner hears about us t…
No Tank Tops
Mark and I ate at a pizza joint after Saturday's Flakesgiving event and the guy cooking in the kitchen right by the front door had a tank top on.  It was really gross, all the food being cooked and sent out of there had a potential armpit hair on it...
Longtime Lunch Staple Vanishes
Like many parents, I have my kid's school lunch menu posted on my fridge and take an occasional look at what she's having that day. Overall, her choices seem much healthier than mine were. For instance, the words "whole wheat" never appeared on any public school lunch men…

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