Do You Have an Extra $500?
Did you see the recent study on how many Americans don't have $500 in cash at their disposal? It's shocking to think that we are approaching the 50% level. What if there is a car problem, hot water heater problem etc.?
Americans can't save money and have no fiscal sense anymore...
Amazon Prime Day Today
If you're a member of Amazon Prime, today is your big day. Save on millions of items for 36 hours.
So, I'm curious as to how many of the folks who read our blogs are A, members. And B, are you buying anything during this event?
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Here are just a few examples of the smoking deals you can get THIS WEEK ONLY at our Seize The Deal auction on
Winterproof your home by bidding on a gift certificate for $5000 worth of seamless steel siding from ABC Seamless...
How Much Money Can Be Saved Regulating Toilet Paper Use
Our receptionist sent us an e-mail about an hour ago that the water here on the top 5 floors of the Crowne Plaza in downtown Billings was shut off for maintenance. As a result we have to go down to either the 18th floor or the main floor to use the restroom. I chose the 1st floor and ran into a road…
Tasty And Cheap!
If you haven't checked out Seize The Deal lately there's a great deal on Pita Pit. Spend $3.50 and get $5 worth of food. I usually get the pita's filled with grilled chicken, grilled onions and mushrooms, cheddar cheese, tomatoes and teriyaki sauce...