Frost Free Day And Tax Free Day
May 15th is frost-free day in Montana, the day when it should be safe for your garden, and the 15th is also around the time we reach Tax-free day. That means every penny you have made so far this year will go to pay your taxes.
Tax Free Day
Usually, around May 15th, it's Tax Free Day for people in Montana. That means so far you have worked every day this year just to pay your taxes.
Just think, in 1930, Tax Free Day was February 13th. So, today is a big day for the 51% of Americans who pay taxes; you finally get to keep what you ma…
Property Taxes
Don't forget your property taxes are due tomorrow.
You know, the ones that continue to go up the older and more used your house becomes.  Taxable value, how can a twenty year old window, roof or hot water heater become more valuable...
Not. One. More. Cent. Again
First of all, I want to thank all of you who sent cards to Jordan Thompson because of my blog yesterday.
Now, more "Not another cent". I got my renewal notice for my car's plates. I opted out of the six dollar fee for state parks. And it gave me the idea that i wish we had hund…
Tax Overhaul
The president is pushing forth his plan to overhaul the IRS.  Good, it's too complicated with too many loopholes.  Just think, if Mark Zuckerberg  would have been paying the same tax as you and I, he could have paid for the entire Hurricane Harvey relief bill...
Tax Freedom Day
Tax Freedom Day was May 7th this year.  That means every nickel you earned so far this year has gone for taxes.  Do they teach that in school?  Do kids know that they will work a third of their life just to pay taxes?
Americans pay 5...
Free Pens
The best thing about tax time for me is the free pen I get from my accountant.  The ink is that really bright blue that doesn't run or spot.  It has a real fine line that I really like too.  In fact it's the only thing I like about tax season...

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