Big announcement on school safety levy.

There was a big announcement this morning on the Flakes show with the Superintendent of School District 2, Dr. Garcia. He said that they have decided to run a levy in May for safety upgrades and new safety procedures and training.

Details to come.

The final details of these measures are still being determined but should be finalized by the end of the month and will be available for public viewing and discussion. He promised to come back and discuss it when finalized.

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Recommendations from national experts.

These recommendations come from a national safety group that specializes in school safety and prevention. One of the highest priorities, according to Garcia, was SROs or school resource officers. Just a visual presence of authority is a deterrent in schools.

Questions remain.

I had many questions that came to mind but decided to wait until the final requests were printed. He also talked about new educational approaches that deal with character-building, etc. More mental health help for troubled kids that need it with counselors trained in that field. I'm sure you all have the same questions I do. Are there any areas in which we can cut expenses to prioritize safety? Where does this character curriculum come from and does it necessarily reflect the direction parents would want for their children? Will money be budgeted for future upgrades as technology changes? These questions and many others will have to be honestly answered if it is to have a chance.


Transparency and trust.

Safety is not an issue with parents but trust and clarity are, and both will be needed to pass this levy. Stay tuned; we will bring it to you.

See you tomorrow at 5.

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