How To Reuse Pool Filters in Your Cheap Pool
Cheap pools and pool accessories have been in tight supply this summer, thanks to COVID and everyone realizing they need something to do while spending more time at home. I tried for weeks to find more filters for my crappy pool and decided that cleaning and reusing them will be a better idea. Here&…
How to Find a Deal
Garage sales are a bit like buffets: people come, take what they want and move on.  That’s about it.  If you’re willing to expend a little effort, you can maximize your bargain-finding potential and get yourself some screaming deals...
Basic Tips for an Awesome Garage Sale
It’s there whenever you go to the garage, the basement, or the attic.  It’s there when you go to bed and when you wake up in the morning.  It’s there when you leave for vacation and when you get back.  It’s that mass of u…
Bar Stocking Tips
At some point, every man needs to fill out his bar. And without question, bourbon should occupy a prime piece (or pieces) of real estate in that bar. Here are five bourbons to get you started.
People Who Get $1 Tips Are Getting Screwed
10 years ago if you went to a coffee shop and ordered a latte or if you went to a local bar and ordered a drink, how much did you tip? Most people would probably say $1. It's now 2014 so once again I pose the same question... how much do you tip for a latte or a drink?
15 Tips To Help You Keep Cool This Summer
We’re heading into summer and with it comes hot temperatures!  In fact we are talking 90’s here in Billings beginning as soon as Friday and staying in the 90’s through at least next Tuesday!  Don’t sweat it!  You don&Clos…

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