I'll Deliver Your Message For You
I really don't care which side you vote for. I just want to deliver your message on the air on Friday.
So it will start "Dear Matt Rosendale/John Tester/Kathleen Williams/Greg Gianforte", I am voting for you or not voting for you because...
It's Unanimous
The Billings school board by a unanimous vote have decide to extend superintendent Boucks contract now  until 2019.  He can now start negotiating his contract with district lawyers. How about negotiating with the people who pay his salary...
Levies For School District 2 Rejected: Now What?
Now that voters have rejected the 2 levies for School District 2, what do you suggest? I see that most of the levies in our listening area were voted down. So, my question is "What now?"
Do we just rerun these same levies asking for the same amounts again...
Cast Your Vote
Ballots for the Sept. 15 Billings City Council election are now in residents' hands; the rest is up to you.
There are five, four-year terms up for grabs in the election. City Council members earn $7,200 annually.
Seeking office are:

Ward 1: Brent Cromley, incumbent; Kerri Seekins-Crowe and Angie B…

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