Ever Fallen Asleep At Work?
There has been one time when I fell asleep at work and it did coincide with Daylight Saving Time. I was working at a radio station in Knoxville, Tennessee and had to be at work 5 a.m. Sunday mornings. These days, the computer handles playing the songs, but that wasn't the case back then. If the deejay wasn't paying attention, the song came to a stop and silence ensued until he or she put something else on. This particular station was a "Soft Rock" format and at the time featured such core artists as Michael Bolton and Kenny G.
The Best Six-Figure Job in Billings
With those two things in mind, I thought I'd share something I came across today. There are definitely plenty of 100k plus jobs out there, but most of them come with a lot of stress, a poor balance of home and work life and often little time to enjoy the things in life that your big salary can provide. In fact, according to U.S. News and World Report, there is only one profession on their list that gives you the big bucks and low stress.
Move Away
I saw a post this morning from a lady advising people to move out of their home towns and find themselves and make their own way.
Dressing Up For Work
I saw my buddy PJ's post about dressing up as the "Red Robin" when he worked there. I occasionally wore a moose suit when I was starting out in radio. But, it paid ten bucks an hour, so it was easy to justify. Have you had any embarrassing smudges on your work resume along the way...
No Reason
Now that we are approaching the holidays, there is no excuse not to be working. Everyone needs help and we're talking good paying jobs. We have made it too easy for people not to work. If you are physically capable then you should be working...
Our Branding Is Not A Party
I get requests every year from people who want to help brand.  My branding is different from the brandings you may have heard about. Ours is all about the work.  Do we all eat afterwards? Yes.  Then we have time to visit and feel good about another successful calf crop...
How Far Do You Drive To Get To Work In Billings?
If you love small town life, Montana has plenty of them to pick from; however, most people who live in tiny towns typically have to commute to the city to do do their job. With Montana being so spread out, it can definitely add some big city stress to small town living...

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