I'm not a fan of going to use a restroom and encountering an un-flushed toilet. We've all experienced it, so I won't bother painting graphic mental pictures. I'll just say that it's gross and leave it at that. I need a blank canvas to do my art, so I end up flushing twice.

I actually confronted a non-flusher once in a restroom at a previous job. He went straight from the stall to the sink without flushing. When I asked, "Hey, aren't you going to flush?" he replied, "I never touch those nasty things."

So, from this conversation I learned that there are people so phobic about germs, they will simply walk away with no guilt or remorse and let the next occupant deal with their mess.

Now, thanks to technology, there is a whole new breed of non-flusher. In addition to germophobes and inconsiderate people, we now have a group that has been conditioned to toilets that automatically flush themselves. I have caught myself on a few occasions just walking away and then realizing, "Oh, it's an old-school toilet," and going back to flush.

I know I'm probably in the minority on this one. Some might say their fear of germs trumps common courtesy. Maybe I'm just too easily grossed out by things or like to have the illusion that public restrooms are cleaner than they are. Whatever the case, I hope I don't turn into one of those non-flushers because of toilet technology.

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