If you've tuned in to the Cat in the past week, you've likely noticed that I have a cold.  I don't feel to bad, but I sound terrible and am constantly having fits of coughing that are driving me crazy.

Hands down the best cough remedy I've ever had is called Buckley's which I discovered a few years ago in Oregon.  It is perhaps the worst tasting stuff I've ever put in my mouth, but it does the trick for stopping coughs.  Sadly, I can't seem to find it in Montana.

The internet told me that it's available at CVS stores, but CVS says no.  Have you heard of this stuff?  Do you know where I can buy it locally?  I'm going to order some from Amazon, but I'd much rather have a local source to get the stuff when I need it, so if you have the hook up, leave a comment and let me know.

credit: Amazon
credit: Amazon

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