I've mentioned this before but I have been back in Montana for about 5 months now (I spent time in Great Falls and Havre as a kid) and my wife and daughter are moving here in July after my daughter graduates sixth grade. Living apart from them has been hard and I have reverted to some of my old housekeeping habits. For instance, at home we have laundry hampers. Here in my apartment my hamper is the floor in front of the sofa :-) As they say though there is a silver lining to every cloud (not really but it sounds good).

In this case I've learned the fine art of ironing your clothes without an iron or ironing board. The secret is the more dirty laundry the better. Let me explain... If you can anticipate what you're going to wear 2 weeks from now lay it flat on the floor when you take it off tonight. If you do that with every outfit you wear the weight of the other 13 outfits will keep the clothes on the bottom WRINKLE FREE! You're welcome!