You know, maybe there is hope for America. I'm looking this morning on Facebook and I'm seeing dozens and dozens of communities around America where people were starting to rise up and protect their own communities.

This morning in Couer d'Alene people were armed with AR-15s protecting local businesses and restaurants. The people in Philadelphia are now taking to the streets making sure that these rioters and looters cannot take over their businesses and restaurants, too. You know, the American public can only be pushed so far. They'll start taking actions into their own hands.

The President was absolutely right: protesters have the right to protest, but looters rioters domestic terrorist, they're criminals, and they should be dealt with. The American people have a right to protect their homes and businesses, just as much as protesters have the right to protest. It's sad that we got to this point. But America can only be pushed so far. And people are starting to take action into their own hands.

Now, hopefully, we will not have any misfortunate deaths because of it. These riots have to be stopped. The governors of these states must take responsibility for their own states and the people who live in them. That's why today's election, when it comes to leadership, is so important. Leadership is the answer. It doesn't matter if you are the leader of a family, a baseball team, a state or business, leadership is so important. Make sure you get out and vote today. Ballots have to be in by eight o'clock tonight.

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