Okay, now that we've entered the next phase of reopening, I'm trying to figure out the difference between phase one and phase two. You're finally allowed to have gatherings of at least 50 people. But how are the protesters able to gather in front of the police station over the weekend with a group larger than 50 and be allowed to do so?

Now, a lot of businesses and restaurants over the past few weeks have had to deal with restrictions on crowd size, social distancing, and special health matters that needed to be taken care of. In fact, we heard from a few people that said they were even warned that if they did not adhere to social distancing and limitations that they could lose their license. So, yesterday at the police station, there were 50+ people. No masks, no social distancing, no adhering to any of the COVID-19 rules. Where was our county health director?

How come he didn't come down with the same iron fist on these people, as he did with the very businesses that provide jobs and opportunity for the citizens of this town. Not fair. Not fair at all.

Now, if they want to stop discrimination, it starts with leadership. The rules should be the same for everyone. It doesn't matter if you're black or white, and it doesn't matter if you have a restaurant, a bar, or you're a protester gathering in downtown Billings, the rules should be the same. I feel the pain of these restaurants and these other businesses during this struggle, but they should not have to adhere to different rules or different standards just because they're a restaurant and not a protester.

Someone needs to call out John Felton, the county health director, and ask him, how come an exception was made for this event. Not acceptable.

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