Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks (MFWP) killed a mountain lion yesterday that was posing no threat to the public. It was outside of a Northwestern Energy Building scared to death hiding under a bush. MFWP said it was not acting aggressively and that there were no reports of him causing any problems. This animal could have been tranquilized and moved. They moved one near my house three months ago. They also shot a bear outside of Laurel a month ago.

It's not the animals' fault that homes are now occupying the animals' environment. Now, there was a moose in downtown Red Lodge yesterday and they left it alone. There is nothing more dangerous than a cow moose who is agitated. A moose can kill you just as easy. This was a waste of an animal.

It must have been near 4 o'clock and since MFWP is broke, they can't work over 40 hours. More people are killed by dogs every year than mountain lions and they don't run around shooting them. I'm not a bleeding heart liberal, you people know this, but that animal should not have been killed.

Listen to Paul's rant below: 


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