Another week and time for another edition of Farmer Finishers, where I wrap up the week with a few stories you might have missed.

A bad week to be a moose wandering Billings. On Tuesday I wrote an article on the future of the moose in town and predicted he would meet his fate at the hands of Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks.

Some people around town had been posting about him.

Yesterday they killed it and eliminated that problem, you could see it coming. Only bears get special treatment.

If you get your tree this weekend, I posted the tree recipe to help you preserve it longer.

Credit: Michael Gallagher Townsqaure Media
Credit: Michael Gallagher, Townsquare Media


This week we also saw the scorn that some listeners can bring if you don't like the Griz. We had a caller who ripped us a new one for not seeing an article on the Cat's coach who got a DUI. Sometimes we don't get to the sports page, sorry.

The big one for me this week was Matt Rosendale not supporting the speaker of the house until now we select committee members is changed. I called his office trying to get answers.

We must put America first for the next two years and try to save this country before it's too late. We will only have two short years to try to stop the corruption we have seen at the border, The White House, The FBI, and the Department of Justice. It's not time for petty battles or we will lose America.

The other side stays united and they're killing us while we worry about committee selection. Wake up Matt, not one American said committee selection was the biggest problem America faced during the campaign. NOT ONE. That's not why we sent you there. And we won't send you there again if you screw this up.

Have a great weekend and we'll see you Monday at 5 a.m.

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