If you hear the words "stuffed turkey" your mouth will probably start watering the way mine does on Thanksgiving. In Montana however it's just as likely to be taxidermy... in other words not roasted with bread stuffing and cranberries but the bird with the head and feathers still attached stuffed and mounted on a plaque you can hang above the mantle on your fireplace. I was walking down First Avenue around lunch time today and was passing the Monte Carlo Casino when I saw this bad boy in the window.

Why was it there? Did they think it was some kind of impulse buy? I mean, if it were a bear head I could understand... the thrill of the hunt and all. I'd be personally repulsed but it's not uncommon decor in a cabin or chalet of some sort here in the Treasure State to have a trophy of that kind proudly on display... but a turkey? How hard can it be to hunt a turkey? It can't follow you up a tree and if it charges you like a bull elk does it wouldn't do nearly as much damage. Plus, let's face it, it's really not that cool looking. If you're going to kill something and have it mounted it should at least look like something that could have killed you if you missed. Plus I find it funny how they stretched the turkey wings out for mounting... as if it could fly. Anyone whoever watched WKRP in Cincinnati knows that's a load of bull.

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