Holy guest, Batman! I know we are on low power, but what a day. We had guests join us on all types of issues on the air this morning.

First, we had county commissioner Jones and Dan from the chamber in to talk about the private management of Metra.

I hope you have a chance to hear these discussions, think about the objectives, and make your decision on what is the most responsible way to manage our facility.

You have to leave the people out of the decision. Once again it's about efficiency, management, and being responsible with taxpayer dollars. That's the issue. Not your feelings toward Don Jones, Dennis Pitman, or John Oslund. What's the best bang for your buck and your tax dollars, period?

MetraPark Billings MT
Credit: Google Maps

Next, Governor Greg Gianforte stopped at the Cat Country studio.

We hounded him with questions about academic standards and achievement levels for our schools, the budget surplus and what to do with it, and the massive scourge of prairie dogs that are devastating the whole state of Montana was addressed.

Gov Gianforte and The Breakfast Flakes
Credit: Jack O'Brien, Gov. Gianforte's Office

Also, Sam Morris from The Chemnet Consortium in Billings talked with us about their huge Work Place Testing and Substance Abuse Awareness event on Sept 29th.

Anyone who has employees needs to attend this get-together to learn about substances in the workplace, the seriousness, and your liability if something happens. It's a must.

And finally, local student Deven Olmstead came up today to receive his $1,000 Emily Pennington scholarship to Montana State University-Billings.

Deven, who has autism, will pursue a career in meteorology as he is fascinated by the weather. Lead on Deven and make us all in Billings proud!

Emily Pennington Scholarship
Credit: Trent Flager, Townsquare Media

Quite a day. If you miss listening to The Breakfast Flakes for just one day, you miss a lot, see?

Don't forget to visit our podcast every afternoon, too. Most of the good stuff will be available there, but listening live you'll get the whole effect. You can also stream us live on the app while we're experiencing low power as they're doing work on our tower.

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So we'll see you all back here tomorrow at 5 a.m.

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