What's funnier than watching a stand up comedian?  Me gearing up to play softball!

Yep I'm dusting off the cleats to help out Livin' Large Larry's co-ed softball team tonight.

Now keep in mind, I have not played in four years.

I used to play both women's and co-ed on a regular basis, but four years ago I retired the cleats and mitt so I could focus on my kids sports.

Bailey with here traveling softball and Triston with his rodeo.

I am pretty excited to hit the field again, but a little nervous, what if I really suck?

There is one thing I know for sure, I am going to start stretching at 5:00pm for the 6:50pm game and I am going to have some Aleve handy for when I get done.

The upside I get to play ball with a bunch of Marines on their Montucky team.

That alone is worth pulling a muscle or two.

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