Miss Piggy was looking to nab herself a Big Vinny at the ‘CMA Country Christmas’ special on ABC on Thursday night. Piggy and Vince Gill’s steamy performance of ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ ended in a PG-13 rated makeout session … with Gill’s wife watching from offstage.

Viewers knew Miss Piggy was looking for more than a duet partner as soon as she kicked host Jennifer Nettles off the stage so she could move in on a reluctant Gill. The country legend had just finished a jazzy performance of ‘It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year’ with a full orchestra. “Want to get together and do … it?” she asked Gill, who was trying to avoid her passes.

Gill was looking handsome in a classic black evening jacket over a pink pinstriped dress shirt. Miss Piggy was dressed to thrill in a white satin cocktail dress and a red feather boa. As they finished the song — traditionally it’s a man trying to get the woman to stay in this standard — Gill threw caution to the wind and bent over to plant a smooch on the pig.

Earlier, Gill and Grant shared Christmas memories and Grant told viewers about the year she was supposed to get some gerbils from her parents. Sadly, the family cat found the gerbils and … well, Grant never got to call them pets. “What is the cat crunching under the tree?” she remembered saying as she laughed.

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