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I swear that you could add "scrolling" to my duties at work. It sometimes makes me wonder how many miles I've scrolled in my lifetime. As I was scrolling this morning on my Facebook page, I ran across an ad for WD-40, and all of the things that it can be used for.

I've used it to lubricate bikes and cars. I've used it to take stickers off of bumpers and windows. I found that it takes spray paint off your vehicle when some punk vandalizes it. (Had I caught the freelance artist, I would have found out something about aerosol can storage in a criminal).

So, according to the folks at Kueez, WD-40 also can prevent rust inside your faucets, and add years of life if you spray your showerheads. This is great for those of us with hard water. While the full list is amazing, here are a few other things WD-40 will do:

  • remove rust
  • clean toilets
  • remove crayon from your walls
  • makes birdfeeders slippery so the squirrels can't get your birdfeed
  • it removes gum from the bottom of shoes
  • spray it on Legos that are stuck together
  • get glue and wax out of carpets, gets rid of mildew
  • will get you crafting scissors ungunked
  • removes tar from your vehicle
  • waterproof your outdoor chalk art
  • use with a comb to clean your hairbrush, and it even works as wasp spray

I had no idea about most of these. I'll try it as I was going to clean bathrooms today anyway. I just replaced my shower heads because of the hard water deposits that I have where I live.

I'm just sitting here wondering if my collection of cans of WD-40 is in double digits or single. You can never have enough of the magic fluid.

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