I rushed home after my show last night to catch the premier of "Dallas" .  I have to say I was kind of disappointed.

First, how many explosive plots do you possibly need in a season premiere?  My heck, it seemed like my head was spinning trying to keep up with everything!  JR was JR, and Bobby was Bobby, and that was nice.  I was disappointed not to see Pam, I wonder if we'll ever know what happened?  I did like the green-vs-oil clash.  I think JR having a break-down was poorly done.  I just don't see JR having a break-down.  That would mean he'd actually care about anything but his wallet!  I think the parts that made me puke in my mouth just a little were the soap moments.  Like when Bobby's son gets married and keeps looking at his former love.  Seriously?  Did that really need to be about 2 minutes?   This is night-time tv, for the love of Pete! I do like the father/son duel that's about to go down.  It's also nice to see Sue Ellen doing so well.

Actually, blogging about it has made me think I should watch it one more time, just in case!  What's your take on last night's show?

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