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Google Earth

Have you ever driven past 53rd and Neibauer Road and noticed that monstrous house on the north side of the road? I realize there is another "castle" house built in Ironwood, that is actually near completion. But this one was started first and was probably one of the biggest sq. footage homes I've ever seen in Montana.

This pic from google earth is a little dated, but you can't miss the place when you drive by.  It's gotta be 30,000 sq ft or something ridiculous.  However, it looks like construction has kind of come to a standstill.  When I drove by over the weekend a lot of the huge "tower" part of the complex had plastic sheeting flapping in the wind, with open window holes and weathering wood.  In fact, it doesn't look like much work has been done for at least a year.

Does anyone know the story on this place? Who owns it? How many families live on the property? Where did they get their money? Did they run out? Why am I so damn nosy? I'd love to be able to take a peek inside.

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