New data out today as reported by the Associated Press confirms that 2021 was the deadliest year in U.S. history. Experts are blaming COVID-19 for that.

The CDC this month updated its provisional death statistics showing there were more than 3.46 million deaths last year. That's 80,000 more than recorded in 2020.

Experts say that's mostly COVID-related. BULL. Let's not forget that the population is growing and is also aging as well.

The study released also shows an unprecedented spike in drug overdose deaths. How are those related to COVID? If anything that could be related to the horrible border policy in place by the Biden administration. Just last week they intercepted enough fentanyl to kill everyone in L.A. and New York. Just in one bust.

If Trump was responsible for all COVID deaths, is Biden responsible for all drug overdoses? I was just thinking this morning about how many millions of lives were saved around the world because of operation Warp speed. Including Joe's who has been fully vaccinated. Good thing.

One more thing, the Feds are being pressured to lift the mask mandates for public transportation including the airlines and they support lifting it. If you feel safer wearing one you can continue to do so. If what they told us is true, you know, fully vaccinated and wearing a mask makes it almost impossible to get it, then the mask wearer should have nothing to worry about.

By the way, our average lifespan in the U.S dropped another 6 months. We know how to stop a lot of those deaths too but you'll never see mandates for calorie intake...

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