So, I need someone to explain to me the difference between the approach to COVID-19 this time around and last time. Last week on June 24, we had 35 new cases reported in Montana. That very same day Governor Bullock opened up visitation to nursing homes and assisted living centers. WHAT?

On Sunday there were 11 new cases reported and back on March 23 there were 12 cases. This time hospitals are not stopping all surgeries and furloughing workers. We are not setting up emergency hospitals at Metra. There are no news reports on our hospitals and medical facilities being overwhelmed. So what has changed? Is this a different strain? Are we really getting the truth about these positives on the tests being done? Oh, and what does active really mean? Does that mean they are contagious or does that mean they just have not gone back to the doctor for their second negative test in order to be counted as officially recovered? These different approaches can't be science or medicine-related because they are so different. What do you expect from the people if there are different rules and standards for people and groups? Can someone out there give us the truth and some common sense explanation? See ya tomorrow at 5.

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