My childhood friend Jack Harper is the manager of Godfather's Pizza in the Heights and has been making pizzas for 35 years. I recently asked him if he had any idea how many pizzas he's made in his career. He guessed somewhere north of two million. Yep, two million pizzas. Impressive.

I have no idea how many songs or commercials I've played in 37 years doing this job. Back when we did wake up calls, we loosely kept track and counted over 30,000 calls made to unsuspecting victims. Then Caller ID put an end to that.

One number I can guess fairly closely: I've gotten out of bed before 4 a.m. over 7,000 times.

So, what's your number? How many cups of coffee do you think that you"ve served? How many miles of wire have been installed by you electricians?

Let me know.

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