First off, I want to make sure that in NO WAY am I a qualified tour guide. If you would ask many for ideas of what Blake Shelton should see while he is in the Magic City January 21st, they might recommend the Yellowstone Art Museum, hiking the Rimrocks, a tour of the Moss Mansion, all that fun stuff. But I have the feeling that being the oddball Blake is, he would want a “different perspective” of Billings.

So with that in mind, these are my “top 10 attractions” that I personally would want to check out with Mr. Shelton.

  • 10

    Fuzzy’s Salvage

    Nothing beats two guys hanging out and rummaging around a salvage yard. Boy, you talk about “male bonding time”. I don’t think there could be anything manlier than digging around in a place like this. Of course, any salvage yard with a name like “Fuzzy’s” will be first on my list.

  • 9

    Shipton’s Big R

    I just said nothing could be manlier than a salvage yard? Perhaps I spoke too soon, as any store where you can sift thru lumber, horse feed, and Wrangler jeans is perfect for a “guy’s day out”. Although I hold nothing against the Shipton’s Big R “West” location, in my opinion a Billings tour with Blake would HAVE to be of the “East” store. If you’ve been there, you know the two stores feel completely different. I’m thinking Blake is more old school, so we are going to the downtown Shipton’s.

  • 8

    Fourth Avenue Meat Market

    I honestly believe Blake Shelton and I could spend endless hours inside this manly mecca of meat goodness. When smoked elk sticks, buffalo sausage, and thousand pounds of other items that will clog a guy’s arteries are involved, it’s a pretty good bet that it would be included on the Billings tour.

  • 7

    TLC Lingerie

    I’m sure he would want to pick up a souvenir for his lovely wife Miranda Lambert. Hubba bubba.

  • 6

    Any of the Pawn Shops

    I seriously think that Billings is the capital of Montana when it comes to pawn shops. If you’ve ever seen Blake on TV or blogging on the internet, you have figured out that he has an odd sense of humor. I think there would be endless laughs with commentary from him at any one of the pawn shops scattered throughout the Magic City.

  • 5

    Billings Animal Shelter

    I know that Blake and his other half are huge animal lovers. So perhaps we could lure Blake to help us out and be a spokesperson for adoptions at the shelter? I know he would score multiple points with Miranda!

  • 4

    Bruno at Zoo Montana

    Speaking of animals, a stop at the zoo is on our itinerary. As Blake is the goofy guy of the country music scene, Bruno is the oddball at Zoo Montana. Nothing against the other animals, but you have to have a little charisma like Bruno has to make our list.

  • 3

    Big Bear

    Ahhhhh…more “manly man” shopping. I feel the testosterone flowing thru my body as I think about this store. We had better put a time limit on our visit at Big Bear. I envision multiple hours being spent here, and most likely lots of dollars too.

  • 2

    Crystal Lounge

    I think the only thing better than seeing Blake live in concert January 21st, would be seeing Blake singing karaoke. If it didn’t work out in the country music business for Blake, I could imagine him doing two things. Either a game show host, or perhaps a karaoke club host. Either would be hilarious to watch, so a few beverages and songs at the Crystal would be in order.

  • 1

    The Wild West

    Of course the night would just be getting started, so it would only be appropriate to stop at the Wild West. That of course is the location of our giveaway party for the “Blake Shelton Superstar Treatment,” so a stop at the Wild West would be mandatory. We would certainly expect Mike Bilansky to be buying!

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